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what we do

We are a travel company based in Maldives with offices in Singapore, and Dubai that provides bespoke travel experiences and luxury holidays.

Our Travel Specialists are committed to excellence. Finding the best deals for our clients and managing trip details are just some of the ways we make your vacation planning easier. 

At Maniolae Travels, we sit down and plan along with you, offering the professional experience and knowledge needed to plan your ultimate trip.


We’re here to make your experience as seamless and relaxing as possible.

why maniolae?

Over the centuries, the islands have been referred to in different names, from Dvipa Laksham 'a hundred thousand islands' to Na-lo-ki-lo-chou 'coconut islands' by the Chinese traveller Hiuen-Tsang. Ibn Battuta, who visited Maldives in 1343 and stayed for 18 months, and returned in AD 1346, called the islands by the name Dhibat al-Mahal. When the first Portuguese arrived in the East in the early 16th century, Maldives was referred to by them as Ilha Dywe. 


About the fourth century AD, Palladius, Bishop of Hellenopolis (360-430 AD) a classical Greek bishop, refers to Maldives as “Maniolae”, in his document “On the Races of the Indian and the Brahmans”, adding that the magnet stone which attracts iron was produced in these islands. Maniolae was the first name that was used to refer to Maldives on any known historical document.

Pronounced MA-Ni-O-LA-E.

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